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USMC M40A3 Tactical Rifle

Create the new Marine Corps M40A3 tactical rifle by combining a TBA barreled action with the McMillan A4 Tactical Stock and the options and accessories listed below. The Corps is issuing the new M40A3 rifles to supplement the M40A1’s which are still being used in the States as well as overseas. Recommended optional features of the new stock are an adjustable saddle cheekpiece, recoil pad spacer system, a wider/deeper forend, and a built-in hand stop for the non-firing hand under the buttstock. Additional options include USMC Simrad Cap scope mount and Badger Max 50 30mm rings set with 1” inserts for Unertl type scope, 4 screw rear and 6 screw front as specified by USMC


In addition to the M40A1, A2, and earlier A3 options, TBA can build the new Marine Corps’ M40A3 Tactical rifle around our barreled action with the following options and accessories:

• Benchrest trued Remington 700 action delivering guaranteed Ό MOA at 100 yards with Black Hills or Federal factory match ammunition.
• Schneider 25” stainless steel barrel chambered with PTG match reamers for all standard and magnum calibers. (USMC spec says 24” but Gary Schneider says they are actually 25” because the Marines did not include the threaded shank in the receiver with the overall length). All chambering, threa
ding, and action fitting tolerances held to .0001” runout from centerline of bore axis. Marine sniper taper with counterbore crown. Twist rate appropriate for caliber. Barrel length options available.
• Tubb heavy recoil lug.
• Remington 700 receiver is clip slotted and modified to USMC spec with the flat bridge.

• McMillan fiberglass Tactical A-4 stock in a choice of Olive Drab Green, Black, Desert Tan or USMC Forest Camo.
• Spacer adjustable butt plate system and saddle type adjustable cheekpiece.
• Pillar bedded barreled action with Devcon. Sealed finish on unbedded interior areas of McMillan fiberglass A4 stock. Barrel is free floating except for 1.5” forward of
recoil lug.
• USMC type tall extended Mil Spec 1913 Picatinney rail mount with underside lugs fitted to clip slotted receiver. Rail will handle DD Ross, Badger, or Leupold MK 4 rings. Standard length medium height rail also available.  Optional Badger Ordnance Simrad cap.simrad
• 8-40 screws for rail mounting.
• All steel D. D. Ross floorplate/triggerguard assembly on short action only.
• Heavy gauge 1-Ύ” flush swivel set with 6 flush cups mounted securely into stock.
• Trigger adjusted to 2-1/4 lbs. with no creep or over-travel.

• Black matte or gray parkerized or olive drab moly-teflon coated barreled action and scope rail provides added protection from weather and handling.
• Rifle weight – 17.0 lbs with commercial scope, 18.5 lbs. with Unertl or US Optics USMC.
• Overall length is 46” with 25” barrel.
USMC M40A3 Tactical Rifle

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