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Texas Brigade Armory continues to put quality of its products above all other business goals. Every rifle built by Texas Brigade Armory is done in the manner of a full custom rifle. There are no assembly lines in the shop. Every rifle is machined, fitted, bedded, assembled, and tested like it was being built for my own personal use to become my own favorite rifle. There are no exact time standards or accurate completion schedules to complete a job. We do our best to deliver a rifle around the estimated date when we tell you the rifle the rifle may be completed. There are many general gunsmithing jobs being worked on at the same time we are working on a full custom rifle. This will cause some delays in finishing a rifle on time and could cause rescheduling. Refurbish and repair of law-enforcement weapons will always have the highest priority. I usually have a half-dozen or more law enforcement rifles being rebarreled and reworked in the shop during any month to keep local and out-of-state departments serviced. No rifle will leave Texas Brigade Armory’s shop unless it meets our accuracy and quality standards. None of those standards will be compromised in order to meet a delivery standard. Therefore, TBA cannot guarantee a precise delivery time. The only way to better delivery times is for TBA to hire many workers, have an assembly line, raise pricing to reduce the amount of work, eliminate custom shop offerings and general gunsmithing services, and compromise on quality. These I will not do.

TBA’s second goal is to continue to provide the best custom long range rifles at the lowest competitive price when compared to our competitors similar type rifles. TBA has always made every effort to cater to the ordinary hard working customer, especially law enforcement officers, who cannot afford a more expensive rifle, but have a need for an extremely precise long range rifle. The reason why pricing is important is because I know exactly what the customer is going through when he is trying to build a rifle to his exact desires and needs and finds he cannot afford it. As many of my customers find out, my rifles possess equal or higher quality than more expensive rifles made by our competitors. Also, because TBA is a true custom shop, we can build a rifle to include any of your personal selection of components or specifications including those used by our competitors.

A third goal is to continue to support law enforcement agencies in rebuilding their older, much used rifles, for continued duty work. Many police departments are under tight city budgets and commanders/chiefs are forced to make equipment upgrades the lowest priority. TBA will continue to offer special discount deals to police departments wanting to rebarrel, restock, or improve their rifles performance and usability with minimum cost.

Texas Brigade Armory welcomes all inquiries and I will be glad to discuss with you any questions or comments you may have concerning our products or if you are just trying to learn more about rifles and shooting in general. I will even recommend specific competitor’s rifles if there is a requirement, such as an immediate need to have a rifle.
Mike R. Lau
Texas Brigade Armory

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